Security, first.

Nuro Secure Messaging is designed with the most secure technologies to ensure an always on, secure messaging platform that protects your organization’s sensitive, and confidential information, at all times.

End to End Security

Nuro offers end to end secure messaging with a military grade encryption at the user’s device, during transit, and at rest.

Cyber Grade Encryption

Nuro encrypts all data at rest using AES 256-bit. Data storage and processing is constantly being monitored and updated.

Unique 4th Layer Security - DLP

In addition to end to end security, Nuro includes a unique cognitive security layer that detects potential breaches. As a DLP, Nuro offers enhanced protection from inside threats.

Semantic Filtering

Part of Nuro’s leak prevention capabilities, the system monitors communication for flagged content, or keywords defined as high risk by security agencies, and alerts organizations of potential vulnerabilities.

Hardened Operating System

Nuro runs on hardened Linux servers, and externally exposed critical patches are immediately addressed.

Mobile Application Security

Nuro utilises comprehensive device security to ensure that your device, data, and apps integrity remains intact, and safe from hacking. Nuro encrypts all information on mobile devices, and prevents transferred files from being saved into devices, for extra safety.

Secure Attachments

In addition to photos, Nuro allows organizations to share most types of business documents. On mobile, documents can only be open on Nuro, and are never saved on the device.

Message Control

By restricting message copying and forwarding, Nuro ensures extra data security, as messages are viewed only by intended recipients.

Proprietary Secure Notifications

Messages and conversations are not exposed to Google GS14 and Apple APN, since Nuro uses a proprietary notification system.

Flexible Deployment

Nuro can be deployed as an on-premises solution for complete control, as a SaaS solution, or, as an hybrid. Nuro offers cross-platform support, and APIs for deployment in any IT environment. It can be white-labeled and branded with your organization’s brand.

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