Mobile World Congress 2016 – Nuro Secure Messaging Update

The mobile industry largest gathering is held annually in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress brings together the top Mobile companies from all over the world and all areas of the mobile industry, to showcase their newest developments. It is often claimed by attendees they get more business done during the conference than in the entire year.



Why is the World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona?

The public and private sectors promote education in the field, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation, to transform Barcelona into a digital and mobile hub. This makes Barcelona the prime location for this conference year after year, since 1987.



MWC 2016

This year’s congress opened on Monday, and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook was the main guest.  During his presentation, Mark highlighted the absence of a comprehensive policy to facilitate access to the Internet in developing countries.

“It’s amazing that one is sitting here in 2016 and there are still four billion people worldwide who do not have access to internet,” he lamented. Zuckerberg also announced a partnership with Samsung, adding both firms are working together on virtual reality and 360 video. Zuckerberg also announced a partnership with Samsung, adding both firms are working together on virtual reality and 360 video.

In addition to presentations, the 2016 edition of the congress is heavily connected to emerging digital and technological objects. Experts at Barcelona explained that the Internet should deeply structure the market in the coming years.


Another interesting high point from the event, includes an Wi-Fi hack experiment sponsored by Avast, where they hacked 2000 users at MWC 2016 to demonstrate the risks of free public Wi-Fi.


For the team at Nuro Secure Messaging taking part in MWC 2016 is typically an exciting time. It means presenting Nuro secure messaging platform to the greater mobile security community. At MWC, Nuro is still in back-to-back meetings mode with an array of potential customers and partners from all sectors of the industry.

Our team is happy and inspired to be now in Barcelona, if you haven’t yet, you are invited to come by our spot: we’re at 2E46 / Place 26 in Hall 2.


We promise to report back on developments from Barcelona! Stay tuned, and stay secure :)