Nuro in the Cognitive Era – Nuro is an IBM Official Partner at CeBIT 2016

On March 14 – March 18, Nuro Secure Messaging is attending CeBIT 2016 in Hanover, one of the largest international computing trade shows in the world. This year, CeBIT is centering their conferences around the theme of “digital transformation,” hosting a handful of exhibitions, keynote addresses, workshops, expert discussion panels, and networking events. Its guests include Salesforce, IBM, and several other major players.

IBM is focusing CeBIT 2016 on cognitive business, understanding that programmable computer will soon be replaced by cognitive systems; topics include, Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Engagement, and Security. Nuro and IBM share a longstanding relationship —  Nuro is an alumni company from IBM’s Alpha Zone Accelerator. 

Accordingly, Nuro is presenting as an official partner of IBM, along with Box, Juniper, SugarCRM, and others. Nuro is the first messaging service to integrate with IBM MaaS360, and its infrastructure is powered by IBM Softlayer. Plus, the cognitive security layer that Nuro boasts, which analyzes patterns in messaging to detect potential security breaches, is based on IBM Watson’s cognitive engine. In fact, Nuro is the only  messaging platform to hold a partnership contract with IBM Watson.

At CeBIT, IBM intends to demonstrate “how they can help clients to profit by those [cognitive] IT trends” — like taking advantage of Nuro, for example. In its essence, Nuro is simple and easy-to-use, enabling CIOs to effortlessly monitor communication, and offering them tools in which they can centralize their security measures for internal communications. In its platform, Nuro has a management console that features central management of permissions and a full overview of internal and external communications. Plus, the admin console dashboards include: a company overview, policies module, user management, group management, and a cognitive security module. In specific, Nuro helps CIOs to view, grasp, and understand the big picture, so that they can pinpoint problems and focus on solutions.  

It’s also worth noting that Nuro’s “cognitive security” layer, which is unparalleled in the instant messaging world, assists CIOs in preventing potential security breaches. Nuro is a DLP, or data leak prevention solution, that identifies abnormal patterns within conversations — helping CIOs stay one step ahead of security breaches materializing. In using this feature, CIOs can be sure that employees are communicating and sharing information safely.

Nuro Secure Messaging is eager to attend and network with industry leaders at CeBIT 2016. Be sure to stop by for a live demo!