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WhatsApp Encryption is a Good Start, But Businesses Need More Security

WhatsApp Encryption is a Good Start, But Businesses Need More Security

On March 31, WhatsApp announced that its communication services will be protected with “full end-to-end encryption” going forward — all calls, text messages, voice messages, documents, photos, and videos will only be accessible by the sender and receiver while third parties, such as cyber criminals, hackers, oppressive regimes, and even WhatsApp itself, will be unable to penetrate the conversations.

It was likely developed in response to the recent Apple and FBI controversy, in which the FBI announced last week that it successfully unlocked the iPhone used by one of the gunmen in the San Bernardino terrorist shooting.

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Nuro in the Cognitive Era – Nuro is an IBM Official Partner at CeBIT 2016

Nuro in the Cognitive Era – Nuro is an IBM Official Partner at CeBIT 2016

On March 14 – March 18, Nuro Secure Messaging is attending CeBIT 2016 in Hanover, one of the largest international computing trade shows in the world. This year, CeBIT is centering their conferences around the theme of “digital transformation,” hosting a handful of exhibitions, keynote addresses, workshops, expert discussion panels, and networking events. Its guests include Salesforce, IBM, and several other major players.

IBM is focusing CeBIT 2016 on cognitive business, understanding that programmable computer will soon be replaced by cognitive systems; topics include, Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Engagement, and Security. Nuro and IBM share a longstanding relationship — Nuro is an alumni company from IBM’s Alpha Zone Accelerator, having graduated as #2.

Accordingly, Nuro is presenting as an official partner of IBM, along with Juniper, Cisco, SugarCRM, and others. Nuro is the first messaging service to integrate with IBM MaaS360, and its infrastructure is powered by IBM Softlayer. Plus, the cognitive security layer that Nuro boasts, which analyzes patterns in messaging to detect potential security breaches, is based on IBM Watson’s cognitive engine. In fact, Nuro is the only messaging platform to hold a partnership contract with IBM Watson.

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Mobile World Congress 2016 - Nuro Secure Messaging Update

Mobile World Congress 2016 – Nuro Secure Messaging Update

The mobile industry largest gathering is held annually in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress brings together the top Mobile companies from all over the world and all areas of the mobile industry, to showcase their newest developments. It is often claimed by attendees they get more business done during the conference than in the entire year.

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On January 26 and 27, the biggest and most influential cyber technology experts and companies, as well as hundreds of country delegations, are gathering at the CyberTech Conference and Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Momentum Partners’ Cybersecurity Market Review (Q3 2015) placing Nuro in 2 of it’s CyberScape buckets

Back in October Momentum Partners, a renowned investment firm from San Francisco, with a team that has closed over 150 deals totaling $150+ billion in value over the past 20 years; identified Nuro has a promising start-up on their Cybersecurity Market Review of Q3 2015.

Roll on to January 2016, and Momentum Partners has published the Cybersecurity Market Review (Q4 2015) where Nuro is placed on the “Mobile Security” bucket (slide 14, see below) of the Cyber Security Landscape map,

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Nuro was on the News in China

Nuro was on the News in China!

As part of an international development program, a delegation from China recently visited Israel to meet technology companies with promising solutions.

Omri Sigelman presented Nuro Secure Messaging, and we were featured in two major publications in China, with readerships of many millions each.

It was a pleasure meeting the group, and it is a greater pleasure to find out how much they enjoyed the Nuro session, we hope to see them back soon.

We took the liberty to translate the heading, but if you can read Mandarin, please follow the links below.

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The Marker’s “Israel a Power of Instant Messaging”, Recognizes Nuro in it’s Shortlist

It is always a pleasure to see our work receive external accolades, in particular when it’s right here at home!

The Marker, a major economy and technology publication in Israel, today dedicated a long piece to Instant Messaging, and recognized Nuro as one of the three most prominent companies in the field.

We have translated the article for a broader readership.

Israel is a Mini-Empire in the instant messaging field, that is not only because the category was invented here but also due to continuous success.

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Nuro Secure Messaging Secures First Round of Financing

Nuro Secure Messaging Secures First Round of Financing

Sharp Rise in Demand for Enterprise Grade Cyber Secure Messaging Platforms Drives

New Funding; Supports Growth Initiatives and Research & Development

(TEL AVIV: December 17, 2015) Nuro Secure Messaging LTD, a cognitive enterprise-grade secure group-messaging platform designed for employees and external partners to communicate in a controlled and compliant private messaging environment, today announced the close of its first series seed-preferred stock offering.

“As secure messaging platforms become a priority for businesses, Nuro Secure Messaging is uniquely positioned to lead the marketplace for trusted messaging solutions for private and public sectors around the world,” said J.R. Smith, co- founder and executive chairman. “This first round of financing will give us the necessary resources to grow our product and brand on an international scale.” Designed for corporate employees and trusted external partners, Nuro is the only secure group-messaging platform that can analyze patterns in messaging and provide the transparency and predictive analytics that organizations need to ensure that their business communications stay in the workplace and that breaches (wether intentional or not) are prevented in advance.

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Nuro Protection against leakage of confidential information

Nuro Secure Messaging & Watson – Protection Against Leakage of Confidential Information (DLP)

IBM held Insights 2015, a major IBM annual event, this past October in Las Vegas.

At the event, Lori Zapet VP at IBM Watson announced the first contracts Watson has signed with Israeli Startups, amongst the the first being Nuro Secure Messaging.

See the formal announced below (translated from the Hebrew original):

Nuro Secure Messaging: Protection against leakage of confidential information

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