How Can Company Instant Messaging Benefit Your Business?

How Can Company Instant Messaging Benefit Your Business?

It was the mid-1990s when AOL first popularized instant messaging. MSN, Yahoo!, and others quickly followed suit after recognizing that instant messaging was becoming mainstream — people thoroughly enjoyed the convenience and ease of chatting with friends in real-time on their desktop computers.

At the time, instant messaging had typically been used in social settings. However, as SMS and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become more prevalent, instant messaging platforms have quietly suffered; but instant messaging made a comeback … in the businesses sector.

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Skype For Business

Group Messaging For Your Office: How To Find The Perfect App

It’s clear, that today, more and more companies are adopting group messaging services in order to improve team productivity and collaboration. It might seem that there are many applications on the market offering potential customers the same product, however, this is not the case. In fact, each application platform is unique and offers various beneficial features. In combing through the top applications, we’ve found that there are five things all the best workplace group messaging platforms have. Here they are:

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On January 26 and 27, the biggest and most influential cyber technology experts and companies, as well as hundreds of country delegations, are gathering at the CyberTech Conference and Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Momentum Partners’ Cybersecurity Market Review (Q3 2015) placing Nuro in 2 of it’s CyberScape buckets

Back in October Momentum Partners, a renowned investment firm from San Francisco, with a team that has closed over 150 deals totaling $150+ billion in value over the past 20 years; identified Nuro has a promising start-up on their Cybersecurity Market Review of Q3 2015.

Roll on to January 2016, and Momentum Partners has published the Cybersecurity Market Review (Q4 2015) where Nuro is placed on the “Mobile Security” bucket (slide 14, see below) of the Cyber Security Landscape map,

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What Is An Encrypted Message

What Is An Encrypted Message And Why Should You Use It?

If you think about just how much data is floating around the web, unprotected and for anyone to view and exploit, then it’s almost obvious that adopting certain cybersecurity measures, like message encrypting, is an absolute must. This is especially true in seeing that high profile corporate security breaches are becoming more and more common; there’s no guessing who might have access to your business’s confidential information and what they might do with it.

That said, the most basic way to protect business messages from being hacked, seen, or stolen, is to encrypt messages.

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Most Infamous Corporate Espionage Cases

The 4 Most Infamous Corporate Espionage Cases of All Times

This past year, the FBI has observed a stark increase (53%!) in the amount of corporate espionage cases within the United States. In specific, corporate espionage – or also, economic or industrial espionage – is the theft or illicit trade of company secrets, often resulting in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. In analyzing their past investigations, the FBI has pointed out that a major concern in corporate espionage today are “insider threats” – essentially, employees who are knowledgeable of confidential matters are being recruited by competitor companies, and foreign governments in exchange for large amounts of money at much higher rates than ever before.

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Nuro was on the News in China

Nuro was on the News in China!

As part of an international development program, a delegation from China recently visited Israel to meet technology companies with promising solutions.

Omri Sigelman presented Nuro Secure Messaging, and we were featured in two major publications in China, with readerships of many millions each.

It was a pleasure meeting the group, and it is a greater pleasure to find out how much they enjoyed the Nuro session, we hope to see them back soon.

We took the liberty to translate the heading, but if you can read Mandarin, please follow the links below.

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Secure messaging app

How To Find The Most Secure Messaging App For Your Business

With the immense amounts of corporate data traveling between devices, there should be no leniency in implementing security and protection measures for business communications – no gap should be left uncovered, otherwise, some of all that corporate information could fall into the wrong hands.

Corporate America seems to expect its employees to send and receive hundreds of work-related messages a day. In fact, I’m confident that there’s rarely a time when your work inbox is empty; unless you’re a zero inbox adept you’ve probably accumulated about 10,000 unread messages just sitting there waiting for you to delete or read them.

This is why the best corporate messaging apps have several layers of security – to ensure absolute protection. In searching for a secure messaging app, businesses must be sure that it encompasses at least: encryption during transit, encryption at rest, and security at the user’s device. And, if they want to be extra careful, cognitive security that can predict future breaches offers extra safety and peace of mind. This is of course, in addition to making certain that the creative and development team behind the product are not only capable and dedicated, but also forward thinking in that they are leading the latest technology developments.

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Cyber Security

Top 5 Predictions for Cyber Security in 2016

It’s been a difficult year for cyber security – although more businesses are recognizing the importance of adopting preventative security measures, we continue to see heavy and drastic security attacks on some of the US’s largest enterprises, such as Sony, Anthem Health Insurance, JP Morgan, and Fidelity. In order to combat cybercriminals, it’s important to reflect on the past year, learn from our mistakes, and do everything possible to ensure security breaches don’t become mainstream in the future. After all, if we educate ourselves on the issues, and stay one step ahead of the bad guys, we’ll be in a better place to respond when the time calls for it. Here are our cyber security predictions for 2016:

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